Apple chips – #glutenfree yumminess!

It’s not always easy trying to find great tasting nutritious snacks to have whenever we want that are not loaded with carbs or calories. A while back I found some apple chips that I quite liked – apples are certainly a healthy alternative to regular potato chips, and they satisfied my craving. One of the… Read More »

Gluten free Shepherds pie, perfect for St Patrick’s day or any other. #lmdconnector

Our family eats a lot of meat; so it is natural for us to gravitate to some meat based meals as comfort foods. Shepherds pie is no exception- I love that it is one meal in a dish and my family also happens to like it and will eat it whole heartily. The bonus for… Read More »

Gluten free lunch ideas #GlutenZero

Gluten free lunch Always make sure that your gluten free lunch is a healthy, delicious and is easy to eat  [especially for the kids]- try and follow the dietary guidelines and include fruits, vegetables, protein, grains as well as dairy. There are many naturally gluten-free foods found in every food group. Choose naturally gluten-free grain… Read More »

Dining out Gluten Free #Glutenzero

One of the things that can be an issue when you are on a gluten free diet is dining out.  There are now some dedicated gluten free restaurants that are incredible, with wonderful menu items but these are not found in every city. Most restaurants are starting to grasp the Gluten free concept.  However, there… Read More »

Nutritional Needs on the gluten free diet #GlutenZero

The nutritional Needs on the gluten free diet should be looked at carefully With Celiac Disease, the only treatment is to switch to a completely gluten free diet.  Although people may feel better within days, it takes a long time for the small intestine to heal properly and absorb all the nutrition it needs right… Read More »

Cross Contamination #GlutenZero

Cross Contamination Preparing your kitchen Cross contamination is a risk at any time, although it is higher when you are first starting on a gluten free diet and learning.  Most people, when cooking don’t think that it is a problem cutting a slice of bread, then using that same knife or cutting board to slice… Read More »

What to eat on a Gluten Free diet? #GlutenZero

Contrary to popular belief, being on a gluten free diet is not that difficult; it does not have to be the end of your gastronomy. It does have its challenges, but what diet doesn’t?  You can still enjoy wonderful, incredibly delicious and nutritious foods that won’t make you sick…after you have enjoyed how good they… Read More »

Gluten Free Travel #GutenZero

Gluten Free Travel You might encounter a bit of a problem when when you first start on your Gluten Free journey while you are travelling, but as with anything else, taking the proper precautions and following them  will make it easier over time. As with dining out, it is important on your travels to find… Read More »