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Enjoy Life Gluten-free Seed and Fruit mix

 ‘No Nuts’ Gluten-Free Seed & fruit mix I received the  Enjoy Life ‘No Nuts’ Gluten-free  Seed & Fruit mixes in their new packaging from Enjoy life foods a little while ago. Have to say, I really like the new packaging, but the best thing is what is inside!   Enjoy Life Seed and Fruit mix … Read More »

Coconut Banana Chocolate Chip muffins

One of the things I had wanted to do with this blog was to share some Gluten Free recipes that I had either found, reworked or tried and were successful. This will be the first of many that I hope you enjoy. I have tried several variations of muffins as well as several different kinds… Read More »

Happy 2011! Are you ready?

2010 flew by.  When I stop to reflect back on this past year I think of all the wonderful things that I have experienced.  I have met some amazing people online and off.  Many of the great relationships I have made were started online and strengthened offline, and vice versa. I have learned so much… Read More »